The majority of the stained glass work shown here was commissioned for either public or private buildings, which is appropriate for an architectural Craft. The Pastel Galleries show only non-commissioned work, as a Fine Art expression.

Stained Glass


Stained Glass is an architectural Craft that started appearing in Europe before the Renaissance in the age of the Gothic Cathedrals.

My approach to stained glass both emotionally and technically is also quite medieval in that I believe in the maxim : ‘Light is the medium, the glass is (merely) the vehicle’. It’s an artform about light…..and darkness, about the entry of light into an architectural space, and how to deploy it to enhance the purpose of the building. This can apply not just to churches but to all public and private spaces, domestic, commercial, cultural, educational, ritual, industrial even.

It’s an art form that has to do with transmitted light, Surface light, on which other visual art forms depend, kill it stone dead.

The glass artist can manipulate the quality and quantity of light entering an architectural interior. The material takes up virtually no space at all but its impact can inform all the volume of the architecture

Soft Pastels

“I was attracted to work in soft pastels partly because of having been a glass painter for 45 years. This is because a vital aspect of painting on glass is the artist’s ability to produce very subtle gradations in the depths of tone on coloured (or clear) glass. Clearly, lines can also be painted on glass but I’ve always been especially interested in the meeting of tonal values.

The main optical difference between the two art forms is, of course, that stained glass is about transmitted light whereas working in pastels, as with nearly all other varieties of visual art, depends on light falling on a surface.”

Some of the original pastels shown in these galleries are for sale and there are good digital prints available for all of them.

Stained Glass Gallery One

This Gallery shows a selection of the commissions for painted, leaded glass that Rod made from the 1970’s to the present.

Stained Glass Gallery Two

This Gallery shows a small selection of commissions in the technique of glass mosaic (ie, not painted) made by Rod from 1990 to the present.
Glass Mosaic is like any other mosaic (ceramic,etc) except that the fragments of prepared coloured glass are bonded onto clear float glass with water-clear adhesive, in this case with the latest 2-part silicon from Germany.
The opportunities for a greater variety of dynamic juxtapositions of colour are greater than with traditional leaded glass-painting, and the all-important element of the opaque grouting contributes the darkness that brings the colour alive.

Stained Glass Gallery Three

This Gallery contains a mixture of commissioned and also non-commissioned work, some of which are for sale.

Soft Pastel Gallery One

I find that the technique of soft pastels lends itself very well to the subtle juxtapositions of tones in landscape. Where I now live there are endless subjects of interest: landscape, animals and humans, all within a rural village environment where both the light and the shadows are spectacular. I also make images of English landscape and I have regular exhibitions in UK.

Soft Pastel Gallery Two

The images in this Gallery are mostly from Spain from the years 2014 to 2019. Because of the exceptional light in the air of Andalucia, the shadows are correspondingly dynamic.

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