Rod Friend

Artist in Stained Glass and Soft Pastel…
and life-long Musician.


Welcome. The intention of this website is to share some observations on stained glass and soft pastels, and also:

  1. Some items from the body of stained glass commissions produced since the 1970’s.
  2. A selection of the works in soft pastels produced since 2014.
  3. Some examples of short piano improvisations (called Sound Doodles for piano and human) recorded since 2017.


Rod Friend is a well established British stained glass artist working both in Alozaina, Andalucia (Southern Spain) and England, with over 40 years’ experience of designing and making stained glass windows.


I find that the technique of soft pastels lends itself very well to the subtle juxtapositions of tones in landscape. Where I now live there are endless subjects of interest: landscape, animals and humans, all within a rural village environment where both the light and the shadows are spectacular. I also make images of English landscape and I have regular exhibitions in UK.

Stained Glass

Stained Glass is an architectural Craft that started appearing in Europe before the Renaissance in the age of the Gothic Cathedrals.
My approach to stained glass both emotionally and technically is also quite medieval in that I believe in the maxim : ‘Light is the medium, the glass is (merely) the vehicle’. It’s an art form about light…and darkness, about the entry of light into an architectural space, and how to deploy it to enhance the purpose of the building. 


Sound Doodles for piano and human


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